Zuni Fetishes

Authentic Zuni fetishes are hand carved of a wide variety of stone, shell antler and more.

Prarie Dog


Every hair is carved on this upright little prarie dog by Sedrick Banteah. 1.5" tall by 5/8" wide of picasso marble.

Pipestone Beaver Fetish


Great detail in this pipestone beaver by Zuni carver Brandon Phillips. 3.25" long by 7/8" high with turquoise eyes.

Zuni Snail Fetish


A great little snail carving by Gabriel Poncho, Pueblo of Zuni.Black marble and gold lip shell with shell eyes. 1" long by 3/4" high. None other like it!

Pueblo Indian Figure


A very unusual Pueblo figure with turquoise nugget necklace by Zuni artist Hayes Leekya. 2.5" tall by 1.25" wide.