All of the pottery I sell will be handmade the old way by Native American potters.

Santo Domingo Dough Bowl


Old dough bowl acquired at Santo Domingo Pueblo in 1960 with an old tag attached. Great patina with slight surface cracking on the inside which just adds to its character. A good solid example. 9" wide by 3.75" high,

Old Santo Domingo Canteen


Late 19th early 20th Century Santo Domingo Canteen with much newer braided strap, this canteen has wonderful patina and is solid throughout. 4.25" wide by 5" high by 3.25" deep. A wonderful addition to any pottery collection.

Hopi Pottery by Antoinette Silas


A first class example of Hopi pottery, here is a circa 1980's pot by Hopi artist Antoinette Silas. Perferct in every way. 5.75" wide by 4.25" high (approx.)Look at the detail!

Acoma Olla by Ethel Shields


A wonderful large pot by Ethel Shields of Acoma. A great shape and graphic design on the inside rim make it especially appealing. 9" wide by 7.5" tall.