FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DRINKING! Buy FAIR TRADE, Buy ORGANIC and buy SHADE GROWN. FAIR TRADE because small coffee growers deserve to make a fair wage for their labors.ORGANIC because most coffee is grown under factory conditions and uses a huge amount of pestisides and other resources to be produced. SHADE GROWN because it makes much better coffee and the birds love it! SUPPORT SMALL FARMERS! Buy Fair Trade, Shade Grown, Organic Coffee!

Peace Coffee Bird Mountain


Taste Profile: Clean, snappy and sweet best describe this highland "Altura" coffee. The well balanced Full City Roast is smooth and pleasant with a clean and bright finish. The rich Dark Roast has a touch of smokiness rounded off with a smooth sweetness and medium body. This coffee is grown on the slopes of Mut Vitz (Mayan Tzotzil for Bird Mountain) Source: Mut Vitz Co-op, Chiapas, Mexico. 100% Fair Trade, shade grown certified organic.

French Roast Peace Coffee


Taste Profile: The name says it all for our darkest and most intense coffee. The heavy smokiness is balanced by a lingering sweetness with a subtle aroma. The flavor stands up to milk better than our lighter roasts. Source; UCIRI cooperative, Oaxaca, Mexico. Shade grown, 100% FAIR TRADE, Certified ORGANIC. 1# whole beans.