I really love baskets and have many more in my store, handmade and in all price ranges. Modern basket making needs to be encouraged! So buy a basket!

Ash Splint Curly Basket


Maine/Eastern Canada Indian Basket. Very Early (circa 1860-1890's) Ash splint basket covered with ash splint curls. A very early and fine example with carved bentwood handles. Curls are entirely intact with the only flaw being the rim is cracked which in no way detracts from this wonderful basket. 8.5" diameter by 3.25" high.

Pomo Feather Basket


Early and very fine Pomo feather basket. Quail top knots, Clam shell and seed beads. 7.25" wide by 4.25" high.

Iroquois Turtle Basket


Very unusual turtle basket by Longboat, Iroquois, Awkwasnee Reserve, Ontario. A must for any turtle collector and lover of Native American Art. Entirely handwoven from Corn Husk! Magnificent! 13" Long by 8" Wide by 4 3/4" Tall. Shell is the lid and body is the basket.

Tobacco Basket


Here is a wonderful Hupa/Karok/Yurok tobacco basket circa 1920-1930. It comes with a yew wood and soapstone pipe circa 1970. A fantastic and rare basket which would honor any serious collection. Every stitch in place.6.5" wide by 6" high.

Early Pima Plaque


Early 20th Century Pima plaque with nice patina. Beargrass base, Devil claw and Yucca construction. 10 inch diameter by 1.25 inch high.